Teach-In: Building Unity Against HateHow the prison industrial complex impacts our communities & what we can do to change it
Saturday June 17, 10:00AM-1:00PM
United Steelworkers Building (Stanwix St. and Blvd. of Allies, Downtown Pittsburgh)
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  • Why do people facing greatest employment and housing insecurity—low-income, people of color, immigrants, and youth—are also disproportionately subject to arrest, imprisonment, and abuse by police?
  • Why are politicians simultaneously gutting funding for public services while dramatically increasing spending on prisons?
  • Is it just a coincidence that governments are relying more on prisons, police, and militaries at a time of slowed economic growth and rising unemployment?
  • Did you know that the United States has been coming under growing international scrutiny for human rights abuses, most notably in regard to its criminal punishment system?

Join us for a panel discussion and information-sharing sessions with local organizers working on these issues. We aim to enhance understandings of how policing and prison policies impact individuals and communities and help residents learn more about how groups in our region are working to promote change. We aim to move from merely reacting to threats to advancing a more proactive set of demands that would advance human rights and dignity for all of us.

Topics & Themes
  • Criminalization & over-policing of communities of color
  • Deportations, detention centers, and privatized prisons
  • How mass incarceration debilitates people and communities
  • Strategies of resistance
  • What is the prison industrial complex & the school-to-prison pipeline?
  • No escape: Barriers to life after prison

Co-sponsors: Alliance for Police Accountability, Casa San Jose, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance

  • Deepen people’s understandings of the prison industrial complex, intersecting human rights concerns, and the impacts of this system on our communities and on the individuals most impacted;
  • Mobilize and motivate a broad coalition of activists and groups to unite around these issues;
  • Highlight work being done in our community to address these issues, and invite people to engage with this work;
  • Create opportunities for different organizers and groups to network and develop strategies for increasing the impacts of our work.

Confirmed panelists:


Take Action


  • Beyond the Moment: The Movement for Black Lives includes a number of organizations, individuals and networks focused on a hopeful and inclusive vision of Black joy, safety and prosperity. ... Although in power, hate is not the majority. People who believe in freedom, justice and the humanity of all people are the majority, and we’ve had enough. We won’t stand idly by and watch our communities be attacked and torn apart.
  • A Federal Agenda to Reduce Mass Incarceration presents four pieces of legislation and three executive actions that supporters of criminal justice reform — from all political backgrounds — can unite behind. It offers a bold plan for progress in the face of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ directive, which reinstated outdated federal charging policies that contributed to mass incarceration in America.
  • ACLU's Freedom City initiative
  • Ben & Jerry’s –milk with dignity migrant workers action

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