Forged for All? Amazon HQ2 & the Future of PittsburghHuman Rights, the Right to the City, and Equity implications of the City of Pittsburgh’s Future. Forged. For All Plan
Amazon put forward a “wish list that set off an inter-city competition to become the site of the company’s planned new headquarters. Pittsburgh was one of more than 230 cities to submit proposals. But here and elsewhere, the general public had little opportunity to discuss cities’ offers to Amazon and how this development would impact residents. This 2-panel series will provide spaces for Pittsburgh residents to learn more about the likely effects of the City of Pittsburgh’s proposal to host “Amazon HQ2.” While the project would create certain kinds of jobs, would they, as leaders claim, be “forged for all”? Moreover, how will they impact Pittsburgh’s already severe affordable housing crisis, and its racial inequities, infrastructure, and public services? Panelists will also examine how people in other cities have responded to similar initiatives around the country, and discuss ways that city residents can work to ensure that planning and development better accounts for the needs of residents for affordable housing and quality public services like transit, education, and urban infrastructure.

Media coverage of Pittsburgh Forum on Human Rights and the Amazon HQ2 Proposal

University Forum Wed. Feb. 7: Pittsburgh’s universities have been strong boosters of the City of Pittsburgh’s proposal to host “Amazon HQ2.” While the project would create jobs for highly educated workers and increase demand for training and research in technology fields, would it benefit all members of the University communities, as policy makers claim? Would it improve the quality of life for all our city’s residents? This panel will provide varied perspectives from university staff, faculty, analysts, and administrators about the likely impact of a Pittsburgh Amazon HQ2.
Panelists: Waverly Duck, Director, Urban Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh; Rebecca Bagley, Vice Chancellor for Economic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh; William Generett Jr., J.D. Vice President for Community Engagement, Duquesne University; Beth Shaaban, Ph.D. Student and organizer with the Graduate Student Organizing Committee; Jason Beery, Urbankind Institute and author of Is this for us? Qs about Amazon's HQ2

Community Forum: Saturday February 10, 11:00AM-1:00PM: This forum will provide space for an overdue conversation about the City of Pittsburgh’s proposal to host “Amazon HQ2.” While the project would create certain kinds of jobs, would they, as leaders claim, be “forged for all”? How would the project impact Pittsburgh’s already severe problems of affordable housing, racial inequity, aging infrastructure, and declining public services? How would the city’s proposal affect our future tax base? How can we work to ensure that future planning and development better account of the human rights and needs of residents?
Panelists: Mila Sanina, executive director of PublicSource;Carl Redwood, Hill District Consensus Group; Jourdan Hicks, Hazelwood resident & activist; Amanda Green-Hawkins, Director, Civil and Human Rights Department, United Steelworkers, Board member, Pittsburgh United; Laura Wiens, Pittsburghers for Public Transit; Leigh Solomon Pugliano,Co-founder/CEO,Straightforward Consulting and Director of Opportunity, New Sun Rising; Facilitators: Jason Beery, Urbankind Institute and Jackie Smith, Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance

Event Co-Sponsors: University of Pittsburgh Human Rights Project, Human Rights City Alliance, Urbankind Institute, University of Pittsburgh Urban Studies Program


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